Aigital WiFi Extender 300 Mbps Wireless Repeater

Wireless Repeater  Internet Signal Range Booster Adapter, Easy Setup Wlan Network Amplifier Access Point Dongle - 2.4GHz WPS Function New Chip

1.     2 WORK MODES:

Repeater Mode (Extend existing wifi coverage range) & AP Mode (Cover a wired network to a wireless access point)

 2. NO NETWORK DEAD ZONES: Our repeater with built-in new chip and integrated antennas could easily extend your wifi range and achieve local area network coverage.

3. UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY: This small extender complies with the IEEE 802.11n/g/b standard and its wireless network transmission speed is up to 300Mbps,support 2.4GHz network.

4. WPS FUNCTION: Our repeater supports one-touch wireless security encryption with its wifi protected setup button, let you get access into internet safely.

5. EASY SETUP AND CONNECTION: Convenient Plug-Wall design makes it easy to configure and connect stably.

This small WiFi Extender could easily boost your wifi range to let you have a more vast network coverage to let you surf the internet more conveniently.